Before The Beginning …God Designed

Speaking Engagements for Before the Beginning...God Designed are presented by Jim Kraft, Tamara Kraft or both. The talks are written to create contrast between a world effected by good and evil and God's passionate love for us. It is designed with humor and is presented with lively visuals. God’s Word is carefully used as a foundation for establishing truth in the seen and unseen. It is written for believers and those curious about things of God that are on the sidelines. The talk can be modified for specific areas of interest such as science, education, politics, industry and Christian living. The talk is designed to create thought, help us to engage the passion that God has for us and free us to be who we were meant to be in Him reflecting His glory. The attendees will have a path to begin to experience the passion that God has for us. Jim and/or Tamara remind us of God’s admonition to “consider creation” and “not to forget the works of old,” the value in “guarding our hearts” and engaging an eternal perspective.

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