Before The Beginning …God Designed


Learn the Value of Seeing the Bigness of God

Life interruptions, both good and bad, can keep us from missing
some of God’s biggest blessings. It’s not until we consider what He has already done for us through His Word, His Son, through creation, that we can see that God is lovingly trying to catch our attention. Restoring wonder can do wonders in clarifying a perspective!

Latest endorsement just in from Michael Card, singer-songwriter, musician, author:

“...Look up or all around you, or down...
you cannot escape the intricate crafts-
manship of every tree, leaf, insect, bird,
flower, wave, raindrop, sunset, grain of
sand. We stand before it all without excuse
(Rom.1:20). Without an excuse for not
wondering, not appreciating, not giving
thanks. Jim's book reawakens and
reminds us of all this and more....”