Before The Beginning …God Designed

“This insightful book gives a fresh perspective on things we often take for granted.  Jim Kraft doesn't just inspire awe in us as we read about amazing aspects of creation, he continually turns our eyes to the loving Creator. The book encourages the reader to have a deeper appreciation for both the big things and little things in creation.”

Dr. Stuart Burgess BSc (Eng) PhD CEng FIMechE is professor of engineering design at the University of Bristol (UK). (NB: ‘Professor’ is a title given only to the highest academic rank in British Commonwealth universities.)

Dr. Burgess is the designer/engineer of the NASA Space Station robotic arm and the reflector energy gathering system.

His research interests include bio-inspired design, biomechanics and design in nature. He has worked in industry as a professional designer working on projects for the European Space Agency. He has published over 130 secular papers on the science of design and has been coeditor of the International Journal of Design & Nature. He has lectured at both Cambridge University and Bristol University in the UK. He is also a visiting professor at Liberty University, USA. From 2004 to 2011 he was head of the department of mechanical engineering at Bristol University.

Do creative people and publishers have an impact on cultural paradigms such as evolution?

The March of Progress, (ape to man drawings), Haeckle's embryo drawings and The Age of Mammals, (a center piece painting for the Hall of Mammalian Evolution at Yale Peabody Museum) all were created using the artistic and creative skills of an artist. None of these drawings were based on authentic observable evidence. They are conjecture. Each of these images have made it into our memory banks. Unfortunately, this has created a "branding" familiarity on macro evolution. Every communication vehicle can be used for good or evil as with most areas of life. In the case of promoting Darwinian evolutionary theories, there has not been one fossill discovered that contains specie to specie transitional evidence.

If you feel sheepish that secularists have used these drawings as evidence of Darwinian evolution, and that publishers and artists like myself helped to literally brainwash you— then you are quite normal! I believe that the brain washing wasn't intententional in the beginning. I think that people were really trying to understand man's greatest questions. Two of which are...Where did we come from?—And... Why are we here? Darwin gave us a topic that visual and creative people can use to make a living from. The source of the money that funded these projects may be another party to blame. Perhaps the publishers that saw a need that they could fill could take some of the blame as well...? Do you think that creative people and publishers have an impact on cultural paradigms such as evolution?

The Decree and Confession

A bit of humor... Let be known, that I Jim Kraft, standing in stead of past artists and designers, on this day February 23, 2014, that drew the monkey to man illustrations, do solemnly swear to take a good part of the blame for the evolution paradigm mistake of misleading our society down a path based on assumptions. This may help to speed along the 40 or 50 years needed for secularists to right this themselves—the typical time required for paradigm resetting. If society can follow the yesteryear educator's example: When earth was discovered that it was indeed round—they threw out their "flat earth" findings, it would be wise. God's word teaches that we are to make every effort to keep our heads. Throwing out "macro evolutionary" findings and giving God the credit or glory sounds like a resonable solution. Hiding His glory is a very scary thing to do indeed. Romans 1:18.

Did you know that Darwin gave a caveot to his theory of evolution? He said that it breaks down when man discovers ordered instruction sets in the molecular. Origin of the Species, 1859 Charles Darwin.

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See February "Got Awe?" Newsletter) for illustrated article.

About the Author

A principal in a marketing communications firm offering the creative part, “design and concept writing,” within the communication process. Jim has been working in communications for 29 years. He is also a Bible believing Christian of 39 years. He has been married 33 years, with two children. The oldest has recently graduated from Duke University and the youngest just enered his first bass fishing turnament. Jim graduated from Cooper School of Art & Design. His wife graduated from The University of Akron with a degree in Family and Child Development.

Jim Kraft grew up in Willoughby, Ohio—a suburb of Cleveland. Always using his design and artistic abilities. He often spent time at his father’s business designing and creating “prototype,” beginning-like projects. Later, Jim earned his diploma from the Cleveland-based Cooper School of Art & Design graduating with honors.

After freelancing for a number of ad agencies, he was hired by a Cleveland ad agency as a designer and art director. For most of his career, Jim has been an independent design consultant creating on and off-line communications for major corporations like GE Lighting, Petro Canada, American Greetings, BF Goodrich, Allstate Insurance, Carlton Cards, Honeywell, Holiday Inn, and Dutch Boy. He has also done work for regional organizations like Parkside Church, Friends Church–– Willoughby Hills, EZPOLE Flagpoles and Maple Valley Sugarbush & Farm. He has performed marketing communication services for over 70 church, Para-church and secular organizations.

Jim has taught Biblical creation and marriage enrichment courses and has a true passion for revealing God's transcendent genius found in creation.


"From reading your book, I picture God saying 'Stop! Look around and think! How could all this just happen? How did creatures become male and female? How did specialized functions come about - like the human pulmonary or lymphatic systems? They had to be fully functional from the beginning! How can any thinking person believe that this incredible creation just evolved from nothing and billions of years? For that matter, how can a person think? Or be able to relate to others or the environment? What about color vision or the incredible variety of plants and animals?' If we just take a few minutes to think about the universe, the only answer is that "In the beginning, God created..." Thanks for listening to God and writing this book."

Robert Koles, BSIE Purdue, Following the Biblical Creation topic for 30 years.

"Jim, I had many positive reactions to what you have written. For example, I was fascinated at the number and variety of examples you described, showing God's creative work, right before us and my own failure to look and consider them more closely. I was impressed with how you blended the scripture into the examples and to your own life experiences.
In addition, your ability to "see beyond" and find the significance in the events of our everyday living, is evident and well expressed. It convicted me, anew, in realizing how much I take for granted and how my mind and heart simply can't grasp the awe and wonder of this God we worship. I also thought your final two chapters, bring to a powerful conclusion, the message you are giving to your readers."

Wayne Sacchini

Jim Kraft manages to bring to light that only an infinitely intelligent designer could have created everything "complete" from the beginning... or actually before the beginning so to speak. As Jim delves into something as simple and seemingly insignificant as a butterfly wing, the discussion will draw in the most serious scientist, mathematician or Photoshop expert as much as it will inspire a layperson to consider how impossible it is for anything, including man, to come into existence simply by accident or chance. After reading this book, I am convinced that I will never meet or hear of anyone who is smart enough to explain how even one thing, let alone everything, could happen without a Creator, a master designer, where each creation works perfectly the first time and in harmony with everything other living or inert thing in existence. Awesome. You will want to read this from front to back in one sitting and ask yourself... how can I get closer to this awesome creator?

Chloe (Review picked up from Befere the Beginning...God Designed listing)